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Vinosus -a -um [full or fond of wine].

Vinosum began as an idea to geotag single vineyard wines in order to learn more about their birthplace. As the database grew, Vinosum evolved into a platform that begins to investigate the relationships between wine price, vineyard location, and enviroment. Our data is personally researched for each vineyard and geo-tagged wine bottle. Currently Vinosum catalogues California wines and the single vineyards from which they originate.


The mysterious and romantic environmental complexities that lay in each vineyard – collectively referred to as “terroir” - intrigue me. Do not hesitate to send me an email (contact@vinosum.com) to learn more about Vinosum, or to send me more information about your vineyard. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay up on Vinosum news.

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Geological Map Geological rock example
USGS Geological Map of California and Nevada. Click the map to learn more about the rock type and age. Data created by the USGS. Google Overlay built by Kelsey Jordahl.

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Each wine bottle represents a unique vineyard site. Click a wine bottle to learn more about that vineyard and its wines. Zoom in to see vineyard names on the map.

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Select and submit a California wine region to explore its vineyards.

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Type to search for California wines, vineyards, and winemakers.

Geological rock example


Turn on the Geology to see a geological map of California. Click the map to learn about the rock type present.


  • To move around the map click with your cursor and drag.

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  • If Vinosum freezes click the logo to refresh the page. Try the mobile page if you continue to experience slow speeds.

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